What is Direct to Garment?

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is a method where a digital printer is used to print a design directly onto a garment using inkjet technology. Picture a futuristic inkjet printer the size of your bathroom that costs more than a house!

With this process, the inks are absorbed by the fibers of the garment. Imagine an inkjet printer, but using a blank garment instead of paper- and that’s essentially how DTG printing works.

Why Direct to Garment?

Since DTG is printed using a digital printer, it has less color limitations than screen printing, which allows for more versatility since you are not required to match colors by inks and pantones. Because of this, the print stays pretty close to true color. Additionally, with DTG, customization is super simple. Since you are able to print an image directly on a garment, DTG does not require any up-front investment, inventory commitments, or set-up requirements.

DTG helps us invest more in artists and less in inventory, providing more opportunities for artists to be creative and take design risks while giving them more canvases to explore.


Desire from a large range of colour options for printing.

Can be used for detailed and broad designs.

Unlike Screenprinting, DTG is Extremely fast process to print.

Available for both mass production and short production runs.

Low setup costs make it easy to access.

Works on coloured garments as well.

Accurate reproduction and high-quality results.

Water-based, making it eco-friendly #CSR


What types of inks do we use?

All of the inks used in our DTG printing are water-based. They do not contain PVC, phthalates, or AZO dyes.

How many colors does it hold?

All of our DTG printers use CYMK inks. That’s Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black as well as White ink.

Why does my shirt smell a little funny?

That odor you may smell on your new tee is a by-product of the custom printing method used to print the design. The odor from printing is just a temporary addition. 

Can you print on hats?

Yes, you CAN print on hats. It just requires a special hat platen. Most decorated caps though, are done with an embroidery machine like the Avance 1501C, which is what we recommend. 

Why choose DTG over other traditional methods?

Because with other forms of printing, screen-printing for instance, you need a whole lot more equipment, space and time. You also have a lot more chemicals to dispose of. Oh and you don’t need to take a shower afterwards to remove the ink!

Do the prints stand up to washing?

If you wash them correctly then the answer is yes. Most, if not all, modern garments carry a care label that is well within the specifications for this process. If, however, you boil or bleach them then the answer is no.

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